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Maia Reficco is a rising star in the world of entertainment. At just 22 years old, she has already made a name for herself with her roles in Kally’s Mashup and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It’s clear that She is a star on the rise, and there is no doubt that we will be seeing more of her in the years to come.

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Born on July 14, 2000 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Maia Reficco Viqueira is an Argentine-American actress and singer to Argentine parents Ezequiel Reficco & Katie Viqueira who is a singer and singing teacher, and is the director of her own Center for Vocal Art. At 7 years old she moved to Buenos Aires with her family, since she was little she showed an interest in music, sang, played the guitar. the piano, saxophone and ukulele. At the age of 15, she traveled to Los Angeles, and lived with Claudia Brant, where she had the opportunity to study singing with Eric Vetro, a vocal coach for artists such as Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. She also attended a 5-week program at Berklee College of Music in Boston in which she excelled, earning a scholarship. As a teenager, Maia Reficco was obsessed with the television show Pretty Little Liars. She had posters of the cast on her walls and even wrote the names of two of the characters on her bed with nail polish. So when she was given the opportunity to audition for a role on the show, she jumped at the chance. She was so excited that she might get to be a part of something that she had been such a fan of, she said. It was definitely a surreal experience. For her. Luckily, her hard work paid off, and she landed the role of Zoey, one of the new students at Rosewood High. Maia is now a series regular on the show and is loving every minute of it. She feels fortunate to be a part of such an iconic show, she said. For her, it’s been an amazing experience.
Maia Reficco came to the Nickelodeon Latin America project Kally’s Mashup thanks to Claudia Brant and the Instagram social network; Brant was the one who was in charge of sending the covers that Maia Reficco made of different artists and uploaded to the platform, then she was contacted by the production of the series for an audition. Maia Reficco auditioned with the Ariana Grande song “Dangerous Woman”. She managed to get the leading role of the series playing Kally Ponce. Maia Reficco signed with the record company Deep Well Records and traveled to Miami to record music for the series. On October 19, 2017, Maia Reficco appeared for the first time at the Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina presenting the theme song for the series “Key of Life”.
On August 21, 2018,Maia Reficco performed at the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico, where she sang the song “World’s Collide” and “Unísono” with the cast of Kally’s Mashup. On August 25, 2018, in an interview with Billboard Argentina,Maia Reficco confirmed that she was working on her record material as a soloist in conjunction with a major label, as well as revealing that her debut album will be of the pop and R&B genre. Her album will also be fully in English. She performed at the KCA Argentina 2018, where she sang the song “World’s Collide” and “Unísono” again with the cast of Kally’s Mashup. On November 7, Reficco appeared at the Meus Prêmios Nick 2018, where she performed the same songs again, but this time “Unísono”, together with Alex Hoyer and Lalo Brito; that same night, Reficco was awarded as “Favorite TV Artist”. She appears in Do Revenge, a Netflix movie that will be released in 2022. She also starred as Noa Olivar in HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.


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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin actress Maia Reficco stars as the ditzy, popular high school teen Montana in the upcoming teen comedy film Do Revenge, which also stars Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes. The cast of this movie is pretty stacked, with plenty of recognizable faces, many of whom have appeared in other Netflix projects. Learn more about Maia, where you can follow her on social media, and more below.The young actress regularly updates her fans with stylish photos, a mixture of professional shots and candid photographs, plus plenty of behind-the-scenes snapshots from her latest film and television projects

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